Body Transformation Programme

Winning the Experience

All the tools necessary to help you transform your body and mind to become a happier and healthier person within your family, team or company

About the Programme

Our 8 week plan is full of healthy recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Follow Jason’s healthy body weight workout plan with exciting videos for you view through the app.

  • 16 workout videos

  • Standard Plan and Vegetarian Plan

  • Mobile-friendly App

  • No Gym Required

  • Daily Reminders

  • Proven Results

About Jason Kenny

Jason is a Competitive Men’s Physique Athlete, having competed in the RIBBF/WBFMA/NIFMA/Ultimate Physiques UK and Ultimate Physiques Ireland. He has won several shows, including two world, European and Irish titles. Jason is a 5th degree Black Belt (Godan) in Traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Aikido and a 1st degree Black Belt (Shodan) in Karate. He has represented Ireland in worldwide Martial Arts Events/Seminars.

He has worked with many award winning olympic athletes, boxers, martial artists, celebrities, and professional and amateur sports teams in helping them win through increased performance. Jason is also a winning coach for many corporate performance programmes, working with many companies in Ireland and abroad.

Jason holds diplomas in Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Diet and Metabolism and holds an honours degree in Training and Education.

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Jason's success with clients in 8 weeks


It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. The event was well received and most people took something from it. I personally loved it and will be recommending it to friends and business contacts.

KenBarclay Chemicals

I just want to say a Huge thank you to you for delivering such a fantastic and informative talk. The feedback has been brilliant, with loads of people commenting on how much they enjoyed it! your personal story is what set you apart from others and how you deliver them and bring the information forward and share how you overcame any struggles is, what makes your talk really resonate with people and as you said, even if that changes the thoughts and life of just 1 person then we are one step closer to a great change, so thank you for sharing your journey’s with us.

Grace CollinsMolex

Jason has worked with individuals, groups, sports teams and companies to help them perform at their best

Incredible Recipes

Our 8 week plan is designed to educate you in order to develop healthy habits and to stay focused with daily reminders. Full of colourful and exciting recipes, our app covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to ensure you develop a healthy lifestyle.

  • Amazing Recipes to Choose from

  • Vegetarian Plan Option

  • New Recipe Idea each week​

  • Weekly shopping List

Exercise videos in the Body Transformation programme

This 8 week body weight training plan is simple yet effective. It is designed for use anywhere and you have no need to worry about equipment. You can now train in your living room, hotel room, or in the park, you decide.

  • Easy to follow Videos

  • A quick start guide to help you

  • Complete Body Workout

  • Workout when and where you like​

  • 25-30 min of your day dedicated to you

Keeping you motivated

Real progress comes from not only expertise and content, but the accountability you need to achieve your desired goals. Accountability is a core component of our programmes, facilitated in a number of ways:

  • Awesome Videos

  • A quick start guide to help you

  • Complete Body Workout

  • Activity Tracker

  • Weekly Check in

  • New Weekly Recipe

  • Incredible Recipes easy to follow

  • 25-30min of your Day Training sessions

  • Zoom Call

Corporate Transformation Programmes

In association with Tender Team

Helping you win business and grow your company by investing improved health and performance in your workforce

This 8 week Exercise and Diet Plan is simple yet effective. This is ideal for the busy worker who needs to get a workout either at home or in the office.  This is a brilliant incentive for any company to invest in their work force by buying our Corporate Transformation Programme.
  • Improve individual and team performance

  • Improve staff morale

  • Participate in team building exercises

  • Scheduled zoom calls

  • Become a top performing company that wins more business through living in peak performance

  • Join interesting free webinars on how to win business by joining our peak performance groups

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Healthy Treats for the Sweet Tooth

Life will stop you at times from being who you really are and restrict you from enjoying the simple things like good food. In this book you will find fast, healthy and convenient recipes that takes liitle time to prepare and you can enjoy on the go.